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Have you ever thought of visualising consciousness?

It was this question that led me, to commence my first serious work of Art: a process comprising 80 layered images unified on a single canvas. I had no intention of becoming an artist - yet a growing fascination with subject matter ranging from symmetry to spirituality and abstraction to singularity set me on an art fuelled exploratory journey that continues to this day, 14 years later. The creative process to me is an act of emptying the mind and getting in touch with my love and reverence for the profound.

In addition to Photoshop, I experiment with DeepDream software - Programs that use algorithms to create and replicate textures based on existing art. Layering hundreds of these textured images upon each other, each image loses its original form to become something new. If we liken each layer to a different iteration of the Ego, it is their simultaneous dissolution and transformation that culminates in a evolutionary vision of consciousness. It is this search for Oneness that fuels my creative endeavours.

My work over all these years is a culmination of a desire to know the unimaginable, to taste the unquantifiable, and to touch the ineffable - in its many forms. The artworks not only exemplify my own awakening and spiritual connection, but are a gateway to such explorations for anyone who encounters them, for anyone who has ever wondered: is this all there is?

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